Abortion Appointment

My old man’s cash
I stole from his wallet.
He never saw it,
Or maybe he did.
A poke, a probe;
You alright sweetie?
The nurse, my purse.
Did I drive myself here?
It’s gone.
It’s gone.
The wad from his wallet.


27 thoughts on “Abortion Appointment

    1. Kiddo 😄 I actually don’t mind you calling me that (partly because it was right next to the word masterful). Thanks for reading my dark stuff, and responding so tactfully.

  1. The nurse, my purse is tucked in there so nicely. It’s very tight and kind of naughty.

  2. Ugh. This took my thoughts to some rather dark places. Stealing the wallet is little consolation for stealing the purse. Solid tight piece though. Effective.

  3. Hey, Angie. I’m thinking about doing Yeah, Write this week, and I completely forget how to do the badges. If you have a sec, can you remind me where the direct link info goes? (I’m on WordPress, too.)

    1. On yeah writes main page on the left side are all the badges copy and paste the encoded code beneath the picture of the micro story badge using text (not visual) on your post. A badge should appear when you view in visual. Can’t wait to read yours. Mine was not very clear this week. Most people thought it was about stealing when it was really about abortion. Should have used my words better….

      1. I knew I must be forgetting a step. Haven’t written it yet, cuz if I couldn’t figure out the link, I wasn’t gonna bother. Thanks for the text not visual part…I’m sure that’s what I’m missing.

        I love that a poem/story/short piece can have so many multiple meanings. That “It’s gone. It’s gone” digs DEEP, now that I know your original intent. I have to say, you are quickly becoming one of my favorite poets to read.

      2. Seriously? Can I just say that seeing the back of your head in your new Gravatar photo was just as nice as your painted toes I’ve grown accustomed to! LOL little pieces of you. I hope to someday make your acquaintance. You know, see your face.

      3. The real pity is that I don’t look at the ocean at all, except a couple of times a year. We’re in Southern Nevada (Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas.) The pic is Cannon Beach, Oregon, one of my favorite places on the planet.

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