She Can Read Words

Do you want to know what it’s like living
in a body with neighbors pushing though cracks?
What’s it like growing soft grass and limbs
regardless of proper watering?     Unfortunate,
really– a girl’s index finger is glued to her thumb.

Poor thing has two arms;  poised &ready to run.
Three silver snaps at her crotch make her feel safe;
like there could be a garden wall;  like the litter-free
slogan on the billboard might one day mean something.
“Don’t Mess With Texas.”  Don’t Mess.


3 thoughts on “She Can Read Words

  1. OK, I’ve read this at least five times on two different days now, and I’m guessing the subject of the poem is an infant. I like this poem, its obliqueness, but are there any notes you can give that would aid in understanding? (Please remember I’m a simple-minded schmoe who can’t handle anything too clever.) Thanks in advance, Moskowitz the Concrete Headed

    1. Usually, at 5 years old, kids learn to read. Unfortunately, child abuse happens to some before they can even form words to explain/tell anybody. Kids are frozen, want to run, want to tell, but don’t know how. The billboard slogan, when read by a child, is perhaps the impetus here to plant the seed that adults shouldn’t be messing/molesting children. The snaps on the bodysuit was another clue recognized by the child that private parts should be private.

  2. Ok, I was going to guess that there was a (profanely) sexual subtext here, but I didn’t want to be judged for going “there.” Yes, I see broken children everywhere. Thanks for the explanation.

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