Face It

I am one of those
who lives in a fragment.
My heart is insistent on it.

I am not of this clay
cracking all around,
withdrawing to the sea.

Aw, hell. It may be rushing.
Maybe I’m not
explaining things right.

I am one of those
of the suburb. I gnawed
on empty bones.
Butter knife, no steak.

Empty and never any meat,
is why my blood ran low.

I am one of those
inside a house like
that one with the
porch light always on.

for Real Toads


31 thoughts on “Face It

    1. It amazes me how people burn the candle at both ends and still function highly. I’m up early, as is my nature, but I’m surely headed for a nap today. Hmmm, that’s how I found myself up late last night. Don’t want to be caught in an endless circle…but no worries…it’s the weekend! Naps galore:)

  1. I especially liked the last stanza; it felt strangely familiar. (BTW, I am not normally up this late, but I am waiting to hear from my wife who took my mother in law to the emergency room… Waiting… Ain’t you the night owl?)

  2. This is absolutely spectacular..!

    I am not of this clay
    cracking all around,
    withdrawing to the sea.

    Loved these lines.. you certainly are special 🙂

  3. “I gnawed on empty bones.” I love that line.

    “inside a house like” The way you broke this line implies, to me, that you live inside a house of like, not of love. This speaks volumes of story, right here.

    1. Opal, my mother gnawed on bones for breakfast. Never could stomach that one as a kid. I chalked it up to weirdness. Your observation about my particular line break was insightful. Poems are tricky little stories with multiple interpretations. Love that you brought one side of the story out in the open like a naked baby out from a tub just lying on the towel…waiting to be dried. Kind of like that. lol

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