Where This Is Going


Lost in Texas:
the Alamo,
my wooden wagon,
my first tooth,
my kindergarten teacher,
authentic refried beans,
my grandpa’s heart,
the only dog we ever owned–
Seen in photographs;
sometimes museums,
because people &things
have one fragile life.
One expectancy.


28 thoughts on “Where This Is Going

      1. No way. Keep playing!
        I got so overwhelmed making my way over to all the entrants every time. I may swing back over, later in the month when things really do slow down. (ha.) What I really miss is Trifecta. Like, a lot.

  1. Yes, please keep playing here! Love this collection of things lost – funny how the mention of a wagon brings so much nostalgia to mind for so many!

  2. Angie, this is gorgeous. I love it. One of the other editors says it has “a lovely fragility to it,” and I agree.

    Please do keep playing with us, by the way. We love having you here. 🙂

  3. Thanks Christine for picking me…I finally got back up to snuff:)
    Love your write-up:
    Angie’s poem starts out as a simple list of lost items and grows into something unexpectedly large. She effortlessly equates all the things in that list, making them all simultaneously bear the weight of meaning and then in a few words at the end blows that meaning away into old dust; either they all bear weight or none of them does. I get the impression that she’s leading us to believe they all have meaning – it’s nostalgic and quietly hopeful at the same time.

  4. i love the stream approach to poetry – the associations of things that aren’t necessary compatible, but such is our poetic licence. It’s like a load of flashbacks; a history told through potent imagery. “because people &things
    have one fragile life.
    One expectancy.” – all too true.

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