My Mistake(s)


i thought she was


but she sprouted wire
bared teeth

&grew a god-damned beard

there was

on both sides


stupid dog

bit my kid


 fourth of July
i left her

in texas
with her food

i mailed her sweaty t-shirts
&half- empty

peanut butter jars


because they suggested it


i still loved her

for  Real Toads


15 thoughts on “My Mistake(s)

  1. I must admit, at first I didn’t know what to think (Piaget has a stage of learning called concrete, which resonates to my brain, I think). Then, I read these and visualized them as jump cuts in a film. Then I enjoyed replaying them under different conditions. Wonderfully inventive and funny and poignant. (BTW your story of working the prom inspired my document today.)

  2. Poignant — even in its hard-boiled matter-of-fact tone. I love it. Fascinated to see that it does work equally intelligibly in reverse order.

    1. either way, it was hard to keep her or let her go. at least we found her a home and she wasn’t put down. best part: she left no mark on my daughter’s cheek…just a mark on our hearts. darn dog.

  3. Oh this is a lovely poem..! It urges the reader to think on the lines as well as use their imagination to where the trail of words could go 😀 Its absolutely genius!

    Lots of love

  4. Hi Angie ~~ I enjoyed these ‘Mistakes’.
    The assortment of half filled peanut butter jars rang my bell. I only have two at the moment.
    I’m wondering where in Texas. We live (for the moment) in Montgomery, Texas. That’s off exit 98 of I-45.
    Even the last verse would make an introduction (I hear we don’t need these anymore) to the rest.

    1. My husband drove our crazy dog all the way from the west coast to Wharton, TX. A no-kill sanctuary. Thanks for reading. I liked your comment about an introduction.

  5. I have a puppy whose play consists of biting, but she is so sweet in innumerable ways, and I know she will be trained out of her bad habit.

    1. This stray we rescued had issues and was untrainable. If I had more resources I would have tried a famous dog whisperer , that’s how desperate we were. It came down to a matter of safety, even though she too had sweet moments

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