now that i’m invisible


now that i’m invisible a few moments
from now

i feel immigrant knees, a slow time
lapse &a dirty-trick camera freeze
now that i’m invisible i am afraid
i’m a broke bastard begging for words
whose syllables, let’s face it, could
never stand as tall as a sanctuary of
trees! &why should that make me
think of the bubble gum we chewed
&squished up together on a wall??
green&pink forever; real soft,
then real hard.  definitely not in-
visible. i can’t help but think of
–the parts we took for granted;
the love from our bodies, which is
the only love ever given, &dared
to receive. lips on a forehead, hands
on shoulders, a child in the socket
of a hip. and bare feet. dear god,
i think i’ll miss bare feet as much
as cuddling with a sleeping kitten.

for Real Toads


33 thoughts on “now that i’m invisible

  1. Oh I just loved the portrayal of sentiments in this luscious poem..!
    Congratulations on making it through this month of April 😀
    Lots of love,

  2. you had me at dirty-trick camera and won my eternal adoration with

    dear god,
    i think i’ll miss bare feet as much
    as cuddling with a sleeping kitten.

    this poem is looping stream of consciousness and I wish to live inside of it. Thanks for posting and viva la!

  3. Simply outstanding work.

    I have really appreciated the opportunity to read many of your pieces this month. Your work has been a highlight for me.

  4. I meant to say I think this is my favorite poem-of all your offerings! I love the gum reference, the intimate details, which define us~ Thank you

  5. You really have been inspired this month, Angie, and in this piece in particular. The small, intimate details you include are so touching. I know I didn’t make it here every day this month, ( becasue I was going crazy with my own words) but every time I did your work was so well done Kudos on a great month!.

  6. I really loved this. There is a kaleidoscope feeling to all the rushing influences that crash alongside each other in this life, and you captured the randomness, the meaningful detail so perfectly. [I was trying to do that in the center of my poem, but didn’t do it with anything near the command you invoked.] Of course, I love how it ended on two images that are hardly connected, but then upon retrospect are perfectly related, and are as meaningful as anything else in this world. I really love this work, and I’m a teensy bit jealous of your talent. More love than jealousy, to be sure. 🙂

      1. Um, not sure how to say this… but I’m starting to get withdrawals … anything new coming out of your pen? A poem would be fine, but I’ll take anything, a shopping list, honey-do list, enemies list.. anything. Just because it’s no longer national poetry month, blah blah blah… with all due respect, Mosk 🙂

      2. I feel the same! From the whirlwind to the dust bowl. I shall try to pen something by tomorrow, Mosk. I just finished a prom weekend here with many duties then went headlong into subbing (to earn $ for said prom “duties”). I’m taking a day off tomorrow, even though they keep calling me.

      1. That made me laugh. I would consider you my internet friend, not my invisible friend. I could see the argument being made, though. Ha!

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