Bury The Words

boat takes float
on blank space
to blank mind

vertical colors
become horizontal

and i’m losing
without knots
in the rope

&where are the words?

 i’m losing
&trains of thought

and i’m losing ambition
&celebrating it
like a much-needed rain

let me bury the words
— i’ve got a plan

to loose it all

for Poetic Asides  & NaPoWriMo

Well, we all knew this was coming…it’s the end.
Or in this case, it’s a poem with the end at
the beginning. It’s been fun everyone! Thanks
for putting up with my words every single day.
You can now bury them, respectfully, of course.


11 thoughts on “Bury The Words

  1. [big smile] something tells me if you buried your words, a masterpiece would sprout in its place. You must be from California, as everyone else is way past “a much-needed rain.” As Groucho M. would say “Don’t say goodbye. Say Auf Wiedersehen!”

  2. steinbeckian, huh? I grew up near cannery row, cut my teeth on ‘of mice and men’, and recently re-read grapes of wrath for “fun”, because, well, who doesn’t find depression entertaining? a good pen, Angie, and congratulations on making it through. ~

    1. I recently rented Steinbeck’s old writing studio near Monterey (Pacific Grove) where he wrote Of Mice and Men and his puppy chewed up 3 months work of it! I watched the Grapes of Wrath on DVD because ya, who doesn’t like a depressing movie….ha. I read other gems while soaking in a sunken tub there too…his letters. Was in heaven.

      1. I grew up in PG. skateboarded (waaaaay back when) by there all the time. the peninsula has changed a lot; but then, what hasn’t? you rented the studio. that is very cool ~

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