Like Oragami


does it


           if there is a tyranny

of left  (fat comma)                                    if there


a  hay     stack

NEED -le.                NOBODY KNOWS 

          I have

a poem                in my pocket&frog-cups 


(gone slightly crazy day 29 of NaPoWriMo 
passing it on to PAD, &Real Toads)


25 thoughts on “Like Oragami

  1. 🙂 I’m with you. Let’s form a poetical loony bin, and we shall all sit about on Friday and drink wine, giggle, and write only tiny poems, in chalk. 😉

    (Love this.)

      1. Just give me a prompt…and some grace…and some California poetic aside breaks. Wouldn’t that be fun to do a weekend re-charge of writing? Or conferencing? Is there such a thing as a workshop we could attend?

  2. Funny, Angie ~~ I might be looney before tomorrow. Last time I sat around the room, on the floor against the walls, passing wine bottles was too long ago. But I wouldn’t be able to come to you and Gizzy’s party. Sorry.
    Last night I didn’t get posted until almost midnight. One person came back. Maybe again tomorrow night.

  3. Slightly mad, and it is refreshing. I always have poems in my pockets, but unfortunately, my pockets all have holes, so the poems just slip out, so have to write more, which seems easier than darning a pocket. I’ve really enjoyed reading your writing this month… like finding buried treasures. – Mosk

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