I Want Yellow To Be Tapioca

i want yellow to be tapioca
which means i want to be
deep, desperate love for you

&while lost in no discernment
i want delicate colors to tell
on themselves in broad strokes

i want every pastel to profess
our love of engineered bridges
imagination powering everything

us no-gooders building new ground
i want yellow to be tapioca
you’ve got to know what i mean

[after Nizar Qabbani’s
“I Want To Write Different Words For You” ]
submitted to Real Toads &NaPoWriMo


13 thoughts on “I Want Yellow To Be Tapioca

  1. In my quest to be understood, I often make my writing too plain, too prosaic. This is a wonderfully controlled, wild ride of a poem, and often I think I don’t know what a poem “means” but if the smile on my face means anything, it means something sparked inside me, and for that, thanks! – Moskowitz

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