unequivocal communion

_DSC1076-1why are you still awake walt whitman? singing of birds, flowers, and sex; those blades of grass rejoicing over every sinew, every swallow of water.

and why are you still awake mary oliver? your lover is gone yet you watch in the woods for one moment of transcendence with two deer; proof that breathing a little isn’t living. are you right?

and why am i still awake? have you both stopped somewhere to wait for me; for holy communion with this grass growing in a democratic way encompassing everything, risking no words at all. a yawp, a pretty mouth? Unequivocal communion.


10 thoughts on “unequivocal communion

  1. This one really touched me. I love how you play with the ideas of transcendence and communion…and yes Mary Oliver and Whitman. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful, poetic piece! It is indeed a song of self, and of poetry. I love your use of nature here, and your use of lowercase. I’ve been drawn back several times to read this – it puts me in such a lovely state of mind. Very inspiring.

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