the table leafs are down

used to be six of us
sitting close together
food on top of the table:
milk, honey &cornbread
two kids to each wooden bench
&two end chairs for mom &dad
dad would ask who wanted to start
the conversation that would decidedly
go this way or that &we drew cards
hoping to pull a question or comment
so we could put someone else on the spot
&laugh and snort until milk bubbled
from our noses or ketchup squirted on a wall
because nobody wanted to pull the dud card
“share a time when you felt lonely”
because lonely was next to impossible
with six of us jostling &jockeying
around that table &house for years
…last time i came home though, mom had
dropped both of the table leafs… they’re down

for NaPoWriMo


7 thoughts on “the table leafs are down

  1. Oh, this touches my heart! I love how you use that “&” to give it such a happy, casual, breathless feel.

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