Duly Noted

i only knew
i was delivered
as go-between
between mom&dad
two nurses pumping
and pulling me out.
the most beautiful
forceped-thing they
ever saw, so they cried.
that’s what they say.
& that i never did.
i just observed, took note
of the miraculous air,
God in the skin of light.
i knew i was not a jessica or a brandy
because dad named me angela
like the pretty little chiquita
he happened to meet on a side job.
they never told me that.
i’m making note of it now.
her brown skin was wonderful.
i’m adding that part.

for Real Toads


24 thoughts on “Duly Noted

  1. I really like your poetic style – the short lines do not impede flow and you know how to infuse a lot of meaning into a small space.

    1. Very astute of you to pick up what I was barely saying in the closing lines. I love beautiful brown skin. However, my ancestors have held grudges and ill will towards the Hispanic community. It’s complicated, sad, and embarrassing. My grandfather was killed by his Hispanic neighbor.

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