if you were God, or Paul Ekman,
you would have known right off
in the garden under sad moon lamp
that Adam was lying, but to be sure,
you could ask– a courtesy, or open book
or open door to second chance.
but muscles twitched– subtly wrong
for a fraction of a second. observable
as Mona Lisa’s flirty smile,
or Bill Clinton’s clean &jerk jaw.
in 10,000 possible expressions
lies the atlas of the human face.
there is a tell. there is a know.

Poetic Asides & Real Toads

untitled doodle by Ted Gordon

untitled doodle by Ted Gordon


15 thoughts on “Forensics

  1. You got me with that fantastic first line! Yes, there is always a “tell,” but how often we choose to not see it! Thanks for participating in the prompt!

    1. Lola, thanks for the prompt. Paul Ekman, the forensic scientist figured that less than 1% of people can detect or recognize what are true tells called micro expressions: rapid expression changes lasting only a fraction of a second that reveal true feelings. I certainly would like to know what one should look for!

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