Playing by Ear

grammar is a piano
i #chuck out the window
splintered keys are diphthongs
rolling around as voiceless coins
while palm trees (nouns on the ground)
reach for a gerund. i mean to say
they are reaching; shading the incident,
but the sun’s in the wrong planetary line^
it has no possession. just a contract-
(shun). Make it a back slash
/a colon’s all wrong:/
teacher tapes up cheat sheets.
direct object, declarative, interrogative,
negative. i cheat on the negative.
verbs be helping imperatives say,
chuck that piano out the window!
gram|mar is a piano I play by ear

loosely written for Real Toads


12 thoughts on “Playing by Ear

  1. Ha! I just knew someone would do something brilliant and witty like this. I wanted to myself but simply wasn’t feeling inventive enough. You have exceeded anything I could have managed!

  2. Wonderful! You show your technical know how while rebelliously chucking it all away. Loved it for its cleverness.

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