The Drive Back

The drive back to school takes 3 1/2 to 4 hours.
3; if you’re foot’s heavy like Mom’s brother, Shawn.
There’s barely any blue between the clouds today
And what’s peeking through is a new shade of white.
Yellow mustard weed fringes both highway shoulders
And it’s crowded going either way on the 5.
I’m driving; making small talk with mom look easy.
Hey, the current on Pyramid Lake looks different.
Looks like stretch marks, Mom says.
Ya? I wouldn’t know.
We’re chugging up the Grapevine now. Come on, baby.
The car’s as old as me, but mom still trusts it to cut
Through Tejon Pass and Grimes Canyon Road where we
Read other people’s words etched in sandstone cliffs.
“Mom (in a ♥), I Love Jesus, I Love KK.” That’s cool.
But us scaling Vasquez’s rocks last week was better.


Tuesday’s Platform for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads


13 thoughts on “The Drive Back

  1. I’ve made that drive at least 20 times, and the 405 even more, tripping between socal and central coastal cal. i wonder if the spritz of rain will be enough to unleash the seeds, or if it’s already too late to visit the grapevine, clustered with color ~

    1. The color is vanishing before our eyes. Like the water. California is still beautiful in its earth tone stages though and takes my breath away when I crest a hill. So many farmers watering and growing fruit, and every other edible commodity! that’s where our water is going.

      1. what, Bakersfield? Kettleman City? the heart of dryness, as it were. my sons (and I) marvel that some ingenious sort hasn’t put solar panels atop the aqueduct. make power, conserve water, make a mint. ~

  2. I too felt as if I was in the car with you, and that I really cared about those places, these people.

    1. Thanks Rosemary. I had a hard time with inspiration yesterday, and I struggled with the “so what?” question when penning my last direct experience. Been busy since Spring Break ended for us. Not as much leisure time to ruminate and write.

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