Ambushed &surprised.

I found out He lives somewhere in the overkill of summer’s blessed silence.
I learned. And even though His life was hidden from our childhood eyes, deemed
Too squirmy &squeamish, we once caught sight of a gross play after dinner
Mother tuned into on the TV set which she swiveled from dining to living room.
Sin ambushed &surprised us through a primetime program on a network channel.
With stiff throats, we witnessed death’s glaze &stared in earnest, not able to
Look after our fudgesicles, too embarrassed by the expensive stain of chocolate
Dripping on our pajama tops while Christ bled himself out hanging on a cross.
We should have crawled, right then &there, on our knees over broken glass
All the way up the stairs to our rooms to lie bleeding at the foot of our beds,
Telling Jesus we were sorry. But we just sat there &let our ice cream melt.

NaPoWriMo prompt after Emily Dickinson’s poem I know that He exists. (365)


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