A Stomach for It

Things are not as they appear.
I get another notice in the mail.
Pursuant to Court Order,
You are hereby summoned
To serve as a juror.
Please read all instructions carefully.
The letter with parking instructions &map
Is a conversation starter,
So I ask my brother if he’s ever served.
And, let me tell you, I’m sorry I did.
“Every time I get notice, I shred it,” he says.
“If it doesn’t come through the mail ‘certified’
There’s no record it ever came at all.
I can’t afford to take a day off
In exchange for $15 and a laughable gas stipend.
My God, a man’s got to eat.”
And I’m sure he’s right about some things,
But by-God, he better be able to afford
The $1,000 failure-to-appear fine
Or he’ll be eating this can of worms alone.

Poetic Asides


8 thoughts on “A Stomach for It

      1. It’s awesome. I’m stumped so far today. Gonna have to just let the words weave as they may and hope something morphs into something not quite what it seems. 😉

      2. Aaaack. I haven’t even been over to Toads yet (and the email didn’t come through yet), and I get so overwhelmed by NaPoWriMo for some reason (but I LOVE aubades, so perhaps I will come play.) Thank you! 🙂

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