Love Machine

There is a certain lunacy in roller coasters.
I once heard of a woman in love with such a machine.
I mean she wanted to marry it, or did.
She gave it a proper name, so to me, that wasn’t such a leap I guess. 
Her life consisted of oiling, tinkering, and babying her machine.
In case you’re wondering, 
she divulged she wasn’t in a sexual relationship with her coaster.
It was a deep-seeded affinity she felt in its presence.
Perhaps her heart rattled above her rib cage in excitement 
Thinking about the click-click-click of the chain
Hauling her love up to the precipice, the highest heights of life.
I can respect that. I just wouldn’t marry it.

7 thoughts on “Love Machine

    1. Thanks, Susan. I caught the tail end of an episode of “Strange Addictions,” and it was on my mind, coincidentally as we drove our kids yesterday to an amusement park to ride the coasters.

  1. How I ADORE this completely unexpected poem. I can feel the tension in the clicking pulling her up up up to the precipice……… the originality, the entertainment factor, and the closing. A fantastic read.

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