Opening Doors

Again, a giant new door. Wrong key.
I come back with the (same) right key and fumble.
Someone I don’t know, but younger, offers
to unlock the door, and does. I will come back;
disturb the door, jiggle the key
more profound, but with softer meaning.
Time and again, I face the door.
Someone hears me swell this time
“Be patient, I have to remember
it can be very tricky.” Old doors and new keys.
New doors and old keys. Wisdom opens wide
for me &I walk slimly through.

for dVerse


2 thoughts on “Opening Doors

  1. You are saying so much in a little space. Shivers~
    Do you get tired of me telling you how much I love your stuff?? I hope not 🙂
    I tried some poetry today and realized that I know zero, zilch, nada about how to “do it.” I think I’ll keep reading yours.
    Old doors and comfortable keys still work for me 😉

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