An Exercise on Existing

You’re never going to believe this. The Zambian girl was poisoned by dead animals. But not you!

You are in for quick&painless luck. You’ve struck gold and earned a place on the list along with:

Edgar Allan Poe, Johnny Crabcakes, C. Shooter, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. Hurry. I cannot stress this enough.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! People are looking because something important is going to happen in your life this weekend.

Look for a lovely thing, and PLEASE don’t forget to check the Community Pool for your lucky charm located in: Pismo, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Fresno or Van Horn, Texas. LUCKY YOU!

Please do not reply to this email; EAT THIS [courtesy] reminder/noreply. Or perhaps, if now’s the time to become a Psychologist or Nurse, please click here.

lucky day

“Spoem” (poem made up entirely from the subject lines of different spam emails) for Real Toads ←You can really click here.


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