This Wind Makes Me Think


Wild Wind by Creative One


this wind
makes me think

north and south
winds of fire

/whips and burns/
that daring dance
white wing to flame
/wide open/
tendrils splayed
electric thrill
birthing now
/pushing now/

bursting forth
now stronger

dirt deposits
land in teeth
/pink sky winks/

a fissure splits
east from west

/and this wind/
makes me think
i too
am wild&more

For dVerse Poets


22 thoughts on “This Wind Makes Me Think

  1. Like the wind, unexpected movements. Birthing, being wild, the sunrise or sunset – pink sky winks, fissure winks – what an interesting view. And it makes you think you are as wild as the wind. I like that. Did you ever spread your arms wide open, throw back your head and run with the wind? I did and this is how this poem makes me feel.

  2. You have really captured the spirit of wind. I can see it dashing here and there, and …. as Myrna said … landed on a great last line!

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