Love in Ten

McPherson, KS: Mother nurses me with a warm bottle in the Pontiac GTO as I watch the windshield wipers wipe.

San Antonio, TX: Carlos, our next door neighbor, throws a party where I taste frijoles for the first time and love them so much that he gives my parents extra for me to eat mãs on Sunday.

Denver, CO: It’s our first family vacation, and I order a cheese omelet with green peppers while Pike’s Peak mountain keeps an eagle eye on me through a giant picture window.

Abilene, KS: The household ban on spaghetti is lifted for my 12th birthday.

Manhattan, KS: Dad and I sit on the back of his beat-up Ford tailgate taste-testing my new college delight: Gyros.

Sterling, KS: Study break run to Kwik Shop for Jiffy blueberry muffin mix and M & M’s with new guy.

Bastanchury Hill, CA: This guy again with port wine cheese and crackers in his car overlooking Orange County.

Greeley, CO: Richard Scott’s grilled hamburgers every Wednesday night in the Nazarene church basement (put your money in the basket).

Wrightwood, CA:  Fernando, who is the best summer camp cook ever, reveals his secret guacamole recipe to us. Of course we write it down.


[For Krissy at Kneal1Poetry]
If you’d like to write 10 sentences about love, click the link and consider this your invitation to love. ❤


5 thoughts on “Love in Ten

  1. Wow this is wonderful (Sending big hugs and much Love from me to you I can feel the love in the food esp. seeing that I was raised in San Antonio TX brings back memories ah- frijoles ,thank you for joining us in Spreading Love… peace and blessings

    1. I knew I liked you! San Antonio, you say. Are you like me; do you drive like a Texan… assuming you own the road once you get behind the wheel?! I’m guilty of that, besides still loving those beans! Those authentic, homemade beans. Mm mmm

      1. I wish I could drive like a Texan but not in Indiana where I live now… I hear you loud and clear, going 75-80 on the road Yes I gotta have my beans ,and rice and miss the tamales… Mm mmm (

  2. I wish I could drive like a Texan,75-85 on the wide open roads.I’m living in Indiana these days so I try to obey the law… Yes authentic beans and rice,Tamales oh-I could go on….Mmmm mouth starting to water…

  3. Oh, those real beans…yum deluxe. and how interesting – hamburgers in the basement at the Nazarene church. I was raised in the church of the Nazarene. And I drive like someone from NC – if you don’t like my driving, then get off the sidewalk! LOL. I do like these sentences about love. They just touch in such a full and simple way. thank you for following my blog. I hope you will visit often and always feel welcomed.

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