I wake up feeling a long way from home.
Chiding the good-natured old lady for
worrying so god awful about that dark-
haired child because it will come to pass
that youth will outlive her by a long shot.
And the old woman carries a clear plastic
bag filled with hundreds of pill bottles
slung over her shoulder like Santa Claus,
only she’s not happy. And I’m not happy
with the doctor because he’s a real dick.
Insisting “this time” you’ll have to pay
more than your co-pay. And I’m wearing
shorts in public that show too much leg,
still steaming over the twenty dollars
that dick demanded. And all (of this)
has detoured me from going shopping
with you at American Eagle Outfitters where
today we could take an additional 60% off
leggings made to wear any / where. And
now I get it.  I’m a long way from home,
where even ‘there’ was never a hiding place
for too much leg, and not enough youth,
for too many pills, and not enough cash.
This is what I know when I wake at 5am.

Written for OpenLinkNight at dVerse Poets


29 thoughts on “5am

  1. whew. that is a lot to be thinking at 5 am…but it is a healthy dose of reality…i guess we all find ourselves there at some point…when maintance becomes the mantra…and necessity forces us to see the dick of a doctor instead of the things we wish or should be doing…

  2. It reads like a dream and reminded me that last night I dreamt I got fired from a job because I used the F word.

  3. Heavens. This, too, is fantastic. You come to my email inbox, and I read, but don’t always take the time to comment. Lately I simply cannot help myself. This rant/revelation is just incredible, as are the word choices and sounds within. Love it.

  4. You should definitely feel better after getting all that out, lol. Seriously, a mighty write.

      1. Ooh, I just peeked at your about page and learned you are a chef. My last post was all about food (the love.) I’m afraid it’s all pretty simple food, but isn’t the company you keep while you eat just as important?

      2. Simple food can be the hardest. It seems the new trend is all about layering tons of flavors, molecular gastronomy….bah. Give me a plate of good homemade chicken salad or pot roast or steamed veggies every time! I left the world of cheffing because of all the pretension that seems to run rampant. Made me c.r.a.z.y.

      3. And yes, company is 99% of it. One of the best meals I ever had was one where a co-worker spontaneously invited me to supper after work. it was simply factory made chicken salad on white bread with potato chips and a little Debbie cake for dessert. but after all this years, because of her kindness and company, it ranks up in the top five.

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