Flesh and Bone

I don’t remember who told me the story of Aunt Debbie’s tangle with chicken wire under the floating dock at Kanopolis, but I’ve often wondered; would I have done the same flesh and bone tearing in order to live, because we are not fish, you know, even though Debbie got hooked. And for a while I couldn’t stop looking at her hand of four fingers, how she showed them off with a row of pretty polished rings that sparkled as much as her heroic tale. I think somebody tried to fish her finger out from the bottom of the lake, but something tells me she doesn’t even miss it.

Written for Blogging U


16 thoughts on “Flesh and Bone

    1. I also loved your “turn it up” piece. I thought the first sentence was confusing, but as I couldn’t offer any better structure, I just didn’t comment. That is in no way saying that I didn’t love the rest of it! I like your word smithing. 😊

  1. I really like this.You managed to tel an entire very interesting story in just a few short words, and yet it doesn’t feel incomplete. And we were able to see the humor and pain and terror of it all alongside one another. well done!

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