The Sky Is

The sky is a coffin today
With sandpaper lining

Instead of yesterdays royal sateen
And my eyes are gravel-

Blind to the blue trimmed rooflines
To birds swimming in the soup

And I keep quitting on breathing
Blasé about the heaven

Which suspiciously licks a blue-gray lip
Chomping at a brighter bit

Written for Blogging U


12 thoughts on “The Sky Is

  1. Sheesh. That first line alone blew me away, but then you went and added the second. Sublime writing, my friend. This is a fantastic poem. Excellent sound throughout. I really like the last few lines, especially “And I keep quitting on breathing” and “suspiciously licks a blue-gray lip.”

    1. Hi Jennifer. If you type your work under text instead of visual you can hit return and it will actually leave you a blank line. Save it under text, then preview it to double-check. Good luck.

  2. This has been in my email inbox for awhile now, and I have read it many times, but kept not having time to come over and do a comment justice. Still don’t have time for what I want to say…but I just have to say, that first stanza is simply a stunner. Fantastic piece.

    1. thanks for the love on this blast from the past. I wrote it while subbing for high school math on a dreary day. Thanks De. I was having one of those “I can’t write” days.

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