Chiropractic Adjustments

I miss you, you know I do–
-Carilda Olivar Labra, “Eve’s Discourse”

I need careful correction here
where I’m stuck in the crack
of our iron playground / My red
flower splits the concrete / Of course
you see it / My blossoms a tilt / Asking
where is your meadow? /  In which
part of your body does paradise sit?
/ I miss you / you know I do /
Why won’t you bend / Be bent /
Every day our discourse is a
little more broken / I hate you /
Come decimate my blazing geranium
/ Crush each naked cluster / Correct
me /  I will straighten up  / Line it
up  /  In lanky words /  | I love you |

Written for Real Toads


23 thoughts on “Chiropractic Adjustments

  1. I admire that passionate voice at the end~ I also specially like:

    My blossoms a tilt / Asking
    where is your meadow? / In which
    part of your body does paradise sit?

    Thanks for participating with Real Toads Sunday Challenge and wishing you happy weekend ~


  2. This is a superb response to Labra’s poetry. I see where you have been inspired by her words and images but you have an end result entirely your own. The central question sets the whole thing off.

  3. This is such a creative piece–you carry out the metaphor both in a flowery–and human–way–I really enjoyed it very much–you take the creativity and directness of the Cuban poet and make it so much your own. Thanks, Angie. k.

    1. Missing someone puts us out of whack. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m still having fits trying to comment on Blogger powered blogs. Coming from WordPress really crosses some wires. Ohhh. Humph

      1. Yes…you’re so right about the missing…for a certain amount of time it can serve to be a good thing but then too long is well…too long. I’ve had troubles with blogger before as well…it’s a bummer that blogger and WP don’t communicate with one another better…I’d love to see the two holding hands in a more compatible way. 🙂

      2. Yes, lets! And so true…sometimes the good things must be hard-earned…it can be time consuming to double back and mentally keep track of where we’ve been to try and reciprocate meaningful conversation and clicking the email when there’s a response to a comment box can cause an endless filling of email box…it seems to me. Yeah…maybe if we wonk to the right people…squeaky wheel gets the grease… 😉

  4. Yeah, the “/” device works as an intensifier, getting deeper perhaps to the grammar and syntax of the heart that is simultaneous where language is particular. Makes for a pretty heated cup of whupass here. Nice job.

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