Asleep in the Sun

Here by way of train to the golden state
It’s day three. I ask my host for a cushion
To rest my bones. Something with its ticking
Still intact. I turn myself directly to the sun,
Lace my fingers, close my eyes. I don’t feel it,
But my head bobs back and forth in good measure.
Old dogs dream. And today I race the clouds.
I spread my aches some place on high, and
When I wake, I will tell you, I am born again.
I’ve been to the Land of More, I’ll say, where
Any patron in need of rescue is resuscitated.
The Land of More is beautiful and breathing.

For Brenda’s Wordle


4 thoughts on “Asleep in the Sun

  1. I spread my aches somewhere high…ha…I like that much…to me this is very meditative…a releasing…a letting go as you settle in to that cushion…and then rising again to be born again…

  2. fyi…on blogger…you do not have to click I am a ROBOT…I have it cut off but it wont go away….if you just hit POST COMMENT without clicking the ROBOT question it will post….

    its a google headache…ugh…ha

    1. Thank you for the re-wire around the robot! This will free me up on commenting more than I have in the past, although reading through the plethora of comments made on Blogger, it seems I can offer very little that is different. I guess I’ll be another drop in someone’s bucket. 😄

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