Sequim, Washington


And so it was. We came after the festival.
The six of us on top of each other in your
Brother’s Washington condo. One small vacuum
In the tiny front closet, hat rack by the door.
Our girls put up a fight over who sleeps where
So you and I, to be fair, rotated to the floor.
It’s always like that. Teaching them to share.
Telling them to put their shoes on. “Down the
Road,” we said, “are fields of plenty, with
Ruby hued loot, and lavender for the taking.
Go! Look and see the world out there.” So after
Some convincing, they scurried away from us,
Hopping sad fences, plucking berries off of vines,
Golden-haired girls swallowing fresh country air.
Each one giddy from their sun-streamed adventure,
The promise of treasure in a fruity oasis, and
The gift we extended which was the apparent lack
Of proper parental guidance and over-bearing control.

Written for Real Toads


17 thoughts on “Sequim, Washington

    1. Merci. I really like it when life and writing prompts converge. One of my daughters was writing about her experience in the lavender fields we had last summer for a high school English paper on locavorism, or sustaining locally grown crops. Turns out, our experience did make an impact. Go places, see things, write about it. 😃

  1. Sometimes that’s just the way it needs to be…with two boys…sigh…this resonates…

    I love the way you string your words, Angie…beautiful and unique and I enjoy the characterization of the fence.

    Thank you for joining!

  2. I love the admonition to see and look out at the world ~ Sometimes children need to be free to explore the outdoors without the over the top parental control ~

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