The Elixir of Dreaming Stars


flying into ourselves we are the strange compulsion
at the end of the road burning public and orange.
we are flotsam and jetsam. pay attention to this
paragraph the radio announcer says. there is no
indentation- all flesh is grass, so blow up the tapes
in our minds, I’m okay, you’re okay, and our hair
smells good, so we forget we are blind to that maxim that
what we touch touches us all. habitually, we unknowingly
adjust our mirrors to catch ourselves in an awakened
state of consciousness- elixir of dreaming stars.

Sunday’s Word Substitution Mini-Challenge at Real Toads

13 thoughts on “The Elixir of Dreaming Stars

  1. Haha sweet! I enjoyed reading this with a smile.
    I took, however, the liberty in my second reading to change “poison of dreaming stars” to “elixir of dreaming stars”…I know, it’s an awkward habit of mine 🙂

  2. Oh I much prefer the elixir of dreaming stars too, happy you changed it. The poem and image make me think of how we denizens of earth are all hurtling, hell bent for leather, into a possibly apocalyptic future………but that’s just me, LOL. A great write.

  3. I think a lot of us just put things into the review window because we don’t want to accept what is happening, or perhaps we already have come to terms with what it is. Either way, this was an elegantly written poem.

    1. Oh, hi Kerry! I enjoyed your prompt particularly so because it asks us to put an unusual pairing of word combinations together in a fantastical way in the same vein as Neil Gaiman or Walter Moers. I plucked words from Moers’ review, and went with a similar theme as Gaiman’s book, “The Ocean at the End of the Lane,” which was a search for self identity. I imagine there are a zillion different ways poets can string together a phrase, but I chose to create, “The strange compulsion at the end of the road,” and “(the) elixir of dreaming stars”. I suppose my title should be changed to reflect one or the other of these phrases. Thanks for sparking my creativity in a new way.

    2. I returned to read your poem again. The new title really leapt out at me and created a unique context for the piece. Thank you.

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