Poem by William Carlos Williams

I had to pick my kids up so I grabbed my library book
by William Carlos Williams to read while I waited curbside
called Collected or Selected Poems- something or other

A late August wind was stripping large yellow leaves
from anonymous trees surrounding the school neighborhood
but I was wrapped up in the Mexican flair of his name

He’s just a William Williams, how nonsensical and queer
I jeered- but with the Carlos part in the middle, who knew,
maybe there was something there- and there was this

Poem in the book that disturbed me as much as his moniker
which to me was out of sorts- yet peevishly fitting somehow-
anyway, this poem had a title I thought obscenely too long

“To Be Closely Written On A Small Piece of Paper Which Folded
Into A Tight Lozenge Will Fit Any Girl’s Locket”- and I typed it
in my phone and tucked it in my purse before the kids piled in

Written for Real Toads. After David Huerta’s, “Poem by Gottfried Benn”


21 thoughts on “Poem by William Carlos Williams

  1. Nice, I like writing style and the nod to WC Williams ~ I specially like the poem title which is very long and I hope you read the notes after your chores ~ He is also a good poet, smiles ~

    Thanks for linking up with Real Toads and wishing you happy weekend ~

  2. I like they way you picked up both the image and poetic in Huerta’s poem, a sort of chatty assay on an encounter with another poet (there’s no other way we can learn to write poems) that entices us to read Williams in mid-tide of our lives. Poetry fits exactly there. I love Williams too, especially “The Ivy Crown.” When in doubt, go long.

  3. I think we all have a piece of literature that we take with ourselves to bed. Mine in particular is anything written by Edgar Allan Poe. I greatly enjoy how Poe uses a dark contrast in order to depict humanity. There is a lot to learn from it.

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