Nothing Gold Can Stay


Why didn’t we linger longer
In our other life, Clete,
In the sunshine we stole from Vegas,
In our baby’s buttery skin?
When all that remains of our August
Rush to have and to hold is buried
Gold. Beneath all these Decembers.


17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay

      1. Me, too!
        My husband caught my eye and a happy smile just this past week. On the couch, sandwiched between us: my wrestler son, my college girl and two dogs. The couch is not very big which makes it the perfect size. 🙂

      1. I was taking “nothing gold can stay,” from a Robert Frost poem. My daughter says she’s reading the outsiders in her middle school class. She’s on Chapter two,

      2. Well then you definitely need to borrow it from your kid! There’s a greaser who quotes that poem to his best friend, and it’s one of my favorite bits in a book of all time.

      3. Sadly, its a classeoom copy only…but I’m subbing there tomorrow so i can probably get my greasy hands on a copy! Lol. Can’t wait to read the “boy book” a girl wrote!

  1. I love the half rhymes through this, Angie! Just gorgeous to read.
    I second your need to read the Outsiders. Rite of passage in my house : )
    (Then, and only then, see the movie, of course.)
    Also, Robert Frost < 3

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