The Good News Is

The Good news is
this isn’t a
perfunctory poem
of appreciation
on Thanksgiving
(I would hate that).
It’s simply a record
of how stupid I am
and how good God is
for giving me a strong
word today in between
the part where the inside
parts of my nose decide
to travel due south…
And the other part
where I shove a turkey
inside my pre-heated oven.
About then, God said,
“Confess your faults,
that you may be healed.”
And I blew my nose five
more times and tore
at the perforations
separating the DayQuil
soft gels in my bathroom;
You know, just in case
I decided to pretend
I didn’t hear any of this,
or in the likely case
I wasn’t capable of spitting
out an, “I’m sorry,”
To my husband for all
the other parts I
haven’t told you about.
But the good news is,
somehow I confessed the thing,
and God performed his healing thing.
No one notices that I put
the two orange pills
from the bathroom counter
back in the top right drawer.
It’s just something
between me and God.

8 thoughts on “The Good News Is

  1. I didn’t even hide my orange pill pilfering yesterday. On a positive note, my hubs commented that the turkey this year was the best he’s ever had.
    Perhaps he was sneaking drugs as well.

    I hope you had a great holiday with your family, Angie!!

    1. Michelle, glad to hear both our turkeys turned out well, instead of well-done. I am not so narrow-minded as to discount a few orange pills healing properties to a body/mind…it’s just that I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that my sudden mysterious onset of a drizzly cold was a direct correlation of the tiff lingering between hubby and me. I do believe in a mind/body connection. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the fix for me was to clear the air, before God would clear my nose. Obedience is a hard pill for me to swallow often times. …and into the Holiday season we go…Lord, help me.

      1. You are so smart, Angie. I totally agree with the mind-body connection, too.
        I sometimes think that husband-wife “tiffs” are often more damaging than big, knock-down drag-outs. We rarely fight, but we are known to tiff…over silly things. The silly things add up and layer. I think my turkey turned out because I entered the day with an attitude of, “I will not chase my husband out of the kitchen with the turkey baster” and he entered the day with the mindset not to enter the kitchen.
        All kidding aside, your reply is an excellent reminder to me heading into the holidays as well.

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