First Yoga Lesson

“Be a lotus in the pond,” she said, “opening
slowly, no single energy tugging
against another but peacefully,
all together.”

I couldn’t even touch my toes.
“Feel your quadriceps stretching?” she asked.
Well, something was certainly stretching.

Standing impressively upright, she
raised one leg and placed it against
the other, then lifted her arms and
shook her hands like leaves. “Be a tree,” she said.

I lay on the floor, exhausted.
But to be a lotus in the pond
opening slowly, and very slowly rising–
that I could do.

-From Mary Oliver’s Blue Horses Poems

Monday, November 10 Prompt:
What knowledge do you have that others don’t? Write a “how to” post about anything you’ve got skills for, small or large.
I’ve got yoga skills, but didn’t have enough time to write about it as well as Mary Oliver did.


15 thoughts on “First Yoga Lesson

  1. LOVED this!
    I’ve been to yoga exactly once. I know it’s good for me and one of my dearest friends does it. My body is just as wiggly as my mind and it makes for a comedy show rather than the quiet time it’s supposed to be. I’m working on it though!!

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