Keep This Token

Keep this token
I found
In my backpack
For the water slide
At Lake Gregory.
It was getting late
For July
And I didn’t want
To be cold and wet
Going to 7-11
With the kids
Who take forever
Choosing what snacks
And which flavor.
Your affections
For us are so kind
And so rich.
I think I got a slim-Jim,
And they all sugared-up.
And we still have this token.


Prompted by Poetic Asides





7 thoughts on “Keep This Token

  1. I love this. Tokens can become so much more, can’t they?
    You left me standing in line at that 7-11, in my dripping swimsuit, waiting for someone trying to decide between they cherry Lik-a-Stik and the lime Slurpie. Great descriptions, so well done.

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