That Day in the Park

 images ~ Hell if I knew Eisenhower announced his Presidential candidacy here in 1952! But it’s engraved in stone beside the flowered pergola I stood across from in ’79 where two kids pressed their lips and limbs together in the rain.

 ~ Sheets of rain.



3 thoughts on “That Day in the Park

    1. I was 11 I think. Who knows why I was out in the rain…except that I was 11! I spied on a couple of lovers under the pergola. My first glimpse of a passionate kiss. I don’t think they saw me:)

      1. Oh my. Eleven! My 7-y-o granddaughter is already going all silly because a boy in her class sent her a note: Brandon loves Lily.
        Were you swept away with the scene? It obviously stayed with you?

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