Mister Weenie Man


i walk into Smart & Final
with 2 liters of extra virgin
olive oil cradled like
an upright football
in the palm of my right hand
a receipt for two hundred
and twenty-one dollars
is tucked in there too

i ask a smocked lady
by the produce and pumpkins
where can i make this return?
so i turn left and choose
the line i think will move
and right away the man
with a cart full of weenies
says go ahead, so i do

and i feel obliged
to make conversation
because i was let in line
between mozzarella mama
and mister weenie man
so i say are you feeding a
group with all this chili
and dogs? he says about 40

old men who like onions
and if he forgets the onions
they’ll be sending him back
then i smile as the clerk dribbles
cash from oil back in my hand
and i can’t help but thank the
nicest weenie man in all the world
as he gallantly nods, “anytime.”


5 thoughts on “Mister Weenie Man

  1. At the risk of sounding like a groupie, I’m just gonna say it.
    I love you!
    A piece like this inspires me to write about the everyday and make it fabulous. You remind of Mary Oliver in her “Instructions for Life” *Pay Attention *Be Astonished *Tell About It.
    Loved this!!

    1. Its just that im so unimaginative, that everything (!) i write springs from real life. So, maybe im selectively observant. 😃 Have to sub at the high.School today so we shall see what springs forth from that. have a fabulous Kansas day!

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