Corpus Christi

eddies dance
on her ten-year-
old toes
for the first time
while wooing waves
draw her out
She romps
with mouth
wide open
and questions
the salt
on her tongue.
what does it
taste like to you?


28 thoughts on “Corpus Christi

  1. Corpus Christi. Wow! I was born in Corpus Christi and when I was a boy we used to go to the beach and cook gumbo over a fire we built just above the high tide line. We used crab that we caught right then with a shovel (doesn’t get any fresher than that). My dad and I used to go sit on the seawall and listen to the music of the steel drums, from the Jamaican freighters, float in over the water.
    That was a long time ago. Thanks for sparking the memories.

    1. Wow indeed! It was the first viewing spot of the ocean for me. We lived in Texas until I was six then drove back in the summers. It was the site of my first college spring break (1987?) too! Lots of cool/crazy things happening there for sure. Your memories sound delicious and amazing! I vividly recall the sea wall too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sweet! Love the picture of salt water taffy, too. I was practically born on the ocean, so have no memory at all of discovering it. Thanks for sharing your discovery!

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