Trying to Get Through This

I find myself in this space
Of post-its on the wall of
Where, when and why
/ch/ /sh/ taped to a window
Backlit by leaves which (are)
(Not is) another word for freedom

(Silent sigh) Do you hear it?
My anemic grapes hiding in
A drawer so not to break code
Repeat after me: We will hear,
Produce and tell the difference
Between sounds in English

I put Spanish subtitles on:
Este es tu problema. Feliz?
What is life? Beside this grammar
Wall,  unsharpened No. 2 pencils,
Office Depot standard pads,
Deadbeat teacher in mustard chair?


9 thoughts on “Trying to Get Through This

  1. This is an amazing piece. The “this” changes so much over the years…but always, always…the wonder-wandering through, the troubled heart, the broken syllables along the way.

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