A Walk Across India

I will walk
Twenty-four days
Until Dandi
Where I’ll bathe
In her black water
Sift salt from
Her shimmering shore
See mud as gold
Fall between
My leathery fingers
I will eat mutiny
Avoid destruction
Face death
-April 5, 6:30 am

[Over 80,000 people were imprisoned in 1930
for breaking the laws related to the salt tax. The
salt march did garner the attention of the British
Empire and helped end British rule over India.]

Can I eat this?


39 thoughts on “A Walk Across India

  1. I love the historical angle. The words and tone are beautiful, and this line shows the strength underlying it all: “I will eat mutiny.”

  2. Interesting little bit of history here. I’m glad you brought it to our attention, and with such great imagery. Thanks for linking up!

    1. I was gob-stoppered right there in front of the classroom keyboard too. I wanted to stand up on my chair and read some of Gandhi’s quotes in front of the students with much gusto…instead I typed.

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