This Would Be a Fine Day

This would be a fine day
To get lost in a prelude
Of modest embellishment
Say in a fandango forest
Or some broad well-
Off place or Spanish idea
With harp, trumpet, and violin
Where at this present moment
No one insists the air tastes
Like sugar, though it respect-
Fully does!


3 thoughts on “This Would Be a Fine Day

  1. Love “fandango forest”
    The sound of your poetry is what draws me right in.
    I often think that I’m not sophisticated enough to write or even read poetry. It’s so refreshing to find your style. A real poem that speaks to me without hurting my head or that makes me feel bad because I don’t understand it.
    We were just speaking of Mary Oliver…you have some similarities with her!

    1. I love Mary Oliver. Her “work” was watching the fields. Love that! Keep it simple. Use shorter words as opposed to longer ones, that’s my motto. Poetry should be understood, although I also love the indecipherable…IF it is pleasing to the ear.

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