When She Left Home

Everything hurt.
The front corner
Room was especially
Sore. And the rigging
Was all wrong.

A flight of fish?
Where are the bones
To protect my heart?
Is this all that’s left?

I was choking, I was
On her skeletal bed
When an elephant
took wing and
It hovered! It’s true

Everything changed
When she left home.
I should know –
I gave her my

For Mackenzie


20 thoughts on “When She Left Home

  1. So many good lines in this! In particular, I love: “The front corner room was especially sore” and “Where are the bones to protect my heart?” Beautifully done!

  2. Taken in pieces, as I first read it, this seemed random yet well constructed. Taken as a whole it all makes sense and remains well constructed. I really enjoyed this and I think I have come back and read it four or five times. I still enjoy it. Really well done.

  3. Loved “A flight of fish?” Like it’s inconceivable that your little guppy is flying away from you. So much thought in those four words. So glad you’re back, Angie, I enjoy your writing.

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