Dad’s Depressed

Mother, why must we be quiet?
Your father doesn’t like people.
Mother, why did we move here?
Your father has to hide.

But will the sun find us,
Kiss our noses at nighttime?
Yes. Straw can be made gold,
And bananas can become bread.

It’s not normal. We’re not
Normal as the geese fly.
But soon we will open a window,
Drink some grandiose air.

Mother, how does the sun make tea?
And what’s the bone tip of a feather called?
Can we be done with Winter, please?
Yes. A sunflower gapes at the sun.


5 thoughts on “Dad’s Depressed

    1. I was bobbing along enjoying the heck out of my summer when I stopped to ask myself why I enjoy summer so much?? It’s because that’s when my father predictably (though I was unaware of his cycles then) emerged from his depression and became manic…so alive!

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