How I Plan on Spending My Summer

angieinspired photo

angieinspired photo

You bet I’m going to spend my summer at the beach.

Sure, I’m going to run a summer camp. Sure, I’m going to lead nature walks, lend my gloved hand in the kitchen, apply band aids and administer cough drops.

In turn, I’m going to cut down on my blogging, because I’ll also be an active student in the open course at the University of Iowa called, “How Writers Write Poetry.”

I listened to the first lecture given by a former Poet Laureate, Robert Hass, the author of seven books of poetry including Time and Materials, numerous critical articles, and many translated works. Please click on the link below if  you’d enjoy the comfort of a grandfatherly figure sharing stories of prose and poetry with you at a table in a library at closing time.

Hearing Hass rattle off poetry was amazing! I also took notes on another American Poet Laureate, Marvin Bell, and his 32 statements about writing poetry:

#8 Try to write poems at least one person in the room will hate
#22 What they say “there are no words for”– that’s what poetry is for.  Poetry uses words to go beyond words.

So although it appears I’m sinking deeper into the summer sand, I’m also diving into this workshop. Anybody want to get their feet wet with me?


17 thoughts on “How I Plan on Spending My Summer

  1. Have a great time Angie, I do like #8 I could do that, I think I do it regularly in fact…lol…I do hope you get all you wish for from the course. Enjoy the sun as we huddle together in the cold of winter down under the world.

      1. Thank you Angie but I am busy most of the time. One day I’d like to try another one. I did one at the start go the year but it was a very basic course, a little disappointing I found.

  2. I don’t write poetry – I don’t think I understand it, although I know what moves me. So I signed up for the course and the Robert Has video was so interesting, informative and entertaining I sketched a few lines and submitted them for review.
    Enjoy the course and your summer at the beach.

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