Do You Like My Hat?


Uhh… if a pineapple is your hat, if googly eyes and glue are in your suitcase, or if your suitcase holds a super hero cape and fabric markers… it must be summer camp!  It’s my 22nd year doing this gig.

We will once again skim boogie boards across foamy ocean waves. We will eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on what used to be William Randolph Hearst’s private beach. We will ask for two scoops of shaved ice squirted with watermelon and tiger’s blood under the magical moonlight.

Our 2014 camp season begins June 23rd and the ‘Summer of New Heights’ has been printed across fresh teal blue staff shirts. My husband and I wrote a letter for the newspaper thanking our awesome neighborhood businesses and friends for sending us off with such kindness and generosity. Some strangers even donated free camperships for some well-deserving campers who would otherwise have been unable to attend without the financial assistance.

To all these fine folks who still believe kids should know what a s’more over an open fire is, how to shoot an arrow from a bow, or how to re-purpose a pineapple, I will proudly roast a marshmallow in their name.

Wish you were heeeeer!


10 thoughts on “Do You Like My Hat?

  1. Good luck Angie its a great thing you guys do I am sure. we don’t have anything like the summer camp thing in Australia probably as our summer break is only about 5 weeks and is across Christmas – January.

    1. Summer in Australia surprises me, as does every down under thing that seems completely opposite of every season here in the states. This is only the 2nd year for us at this beach location. The other 19 years was in the mountains at a very special place for families to come to recover from substance or domestic abuse. It is our mission.

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