I am heavy.
A hospital bed,
a patch in the heart,
butterfly’s wet wings.

I am a gift.
A Hawaiian ukulele,
new acrylic paint,
love letters on a string.

I am strong.
happy words
from the hollow.

“Did Grace say that too?”


50 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Thank you Angie. I think she’s amazing too. Grace keeps coming up; even in dreams. It is sufficient for us.

  2. beautiful, just beautiful. i love that your post is based on real life; it posts like these that encourage and inspire us to have hope amidst pain and struggle.

    your daughter’s friend looks like she has a radiant personality; thank you for blessing us with a piece of her story.

  3. ‘butterfly’s wet wings’ is such a powerful image. I use butterflies a lot to help me ‘pull happy words from the hollow’
    Gorgeous, Angie!
    Much strength to your friend and her daughter. (I’m assuming she knows of Amanda Palmer?)

    1. She has ALL leukemia which is the most treatable form if you are betting against cancer that is. The road has been full of chemo and scary reactions, but they have found love and an entire community behind them which humbles them.

      1. It’s wonderful that she had such support! I’ll be sending many well wishes and good energy to all of you!

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