Tall Grass

tall grass
where lovers lay ~
beautifully bent


24 thoughts on “Tall Grass

    1. Aha, so I can bend the grammar rules? of course. Thanks Shailaja. Also tonight, I atypically incorrectly identified an adverb versus an adjective on a game show my husband and I were watching. Just wrong. I admit it.

      1. I agree that sometimes it’s OK to bend the grammar rules. Bob Dylan’s song, “Lay, Lady, Lay” is utterly incorrect as far as grammar is concerned. However, the song just wouldn’t work if it were “Lie, Lady, Lie”!

        That said, I think that because haiku is so short, we can’t afford to be anything but precise. To my way of thinking, incorrect grammar has no place in haiku. Others are free to disagree with me, of course, but when I see grammatical (or spelling) errors in haiku, I tend to move right on and never read anything by that poet again.

  1. Loved the haiku…great image there very sexy! About lay and lie et al…since I keep making the mistake of mixing the two and their variations I’ve beome a little paranoic about using them and keep looking for synonyms 8-)!

      1. But then you would have had to say “where lovers got laid,” which is really pretty clumsy (or not, depending on what’s going on!). 😉

      2. I will leave it with lay…the impression is better than leaving the reader imagining a tussle of body parts and limbs. Too clumsy and anti-climactic.

  2. I rather like the image of a tussle of body parts and limbs—as long as they aren’t tree limbs! 😉

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