Red Poppies


Luc B via Photopin

it hurts
where i’ve forgotten
it hurts
that i remember

unrecovered bodies
still screaming
under a rug
of red poppies

it hurts
this morphine drip
trickle line of
measured grace

hometown hospital
third floor
is where
it hurts

Where does it hurt?


37 thoughts on “Red Poppies

  1. Describing a morphine drip as a “trickle line of measured grace” is so BRILLIANT. That is exactly what it can be like….such an apt and beautiful description.

    1. I had no idea anybody waited to see what I’d write! Never. Quite the contrary, I have wondered if I consistently bring the pain nobody wants to read, as sometimes I depress my own self. Glad you like to read my stuff!

    1. 3rd floor is very specific. I couldn’t decide whether or not to use the hospital’s ironic physical address which was Iron Street or the third floor. Iron Street, however coincidental seemed too heavy-handed.

    1. Thanks Jen. I’m just writing life as it happens. I’m feeling the need to report on something more upbeat next time…but with a prompt like “Where does it hurt?” …

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