I Wade Through

[For Sandra who will always love Bob]

[For Sandra who will always love Bob]

i wade through the house
in deep water ~
i forget how to swim

in the kitchen
i sink
to the place you drowned

i rise and crack
one egg
over the skillet

 and everything
without you is wrong ~
wet clothes,
this egg


57 thoughts on “I Wade Through

    1. I followed directions and didn’t mention the prompt. I see you noticed this. The only way to go…is through this thing of losing. You can’t go around it, over it, or under it.

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely, Angie, and so incredibly moving. I loved every word. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  2. “The best way out is always through”–Robert Frost……but ‘through’ is never easy, especially in loss as huge as Sandra’s. Beautiful post.

      1. I haven’t lost a mate (yet, although he’s promised to go first so I can have his death benefits) but… it’s been a rough couple years, let’s say.

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