Is Something Crawling on Me?

It used to bother me. Foreign fingers, hairy flesh. Paunchy guts ramming into me. I used to scrub and scratch in the piss of a flea-bitten shower for at least an hour, but now I just pull my skin back on.




    • Thank you kindly. These non-family rule prompts are really surprising my previously held beliefs that I can’t write fiction.

  1. This is fantastic. I read it like three times and it left me wanting more every time. Great job!

  2. Damn, Angie, dark and oh so good. And I love your comment about the family-free rules – this is exactly why we did it! Just look – look at the results! 🙂

    • Like how that turned out for you AND I…except that now I’m fielding some questions from concerned readers. 😛

    • Quite a different language for me, except that I still think I used simple words. Maybe by ‘stunning’ you mean shocking?

  3. Oh man.. this really did take you to newer, darker unimaginable places, Angie! Love it.. last line takes it away.. fabulous!

    • Thanks. I don’t know where this came from, I set out to insinuate that cynicism was “crawling on me,” but I guess it turned into shame! I’m getting that the gang around here likes dark…well done. Lol

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