Free and Clear

artworks-000040044276-53xtx2-cropi drowned
a blue damsel-
fly in the pool
and she is dead
by my hand and
a ten foot pole.
and only
and because
i left
a black bird came
to weather his feathers
free and clear
to splash
and play.

“Why do birds suddenly appear?”



  1. I love that picture! And this! Which i totally read wrong but I guess everything is left to interpretation. I was thinking you drowned someone in a pool to be free of them and called yourself a free bird. Well not you, but the narrator.

    • Great art…I guess it doesn’t matter that the words came first? I always write before I fish for a photo to represent my thoughts.

    • Thanks, Paul. The art and poem make a lovely combo, and I’ve learned you all seem to like the combination plates around here.

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